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I am not a pissed off old man, or “POOM“.  Had to get that off my chest.  I turn 60 in November of this year, and some people are starting to say I’m old.  I’ll go with them because I don’t care.

My lovely sister coined the term POOM for the more mature gentlemen at their country club who were single and ate most of their meals at the club.  She tells me they would sit at the bar and bellyache about everything and anything.  We all know a POOM or two.

This site will evolve, over time, into my “safe space” (that’s a joke, BTW) to share interesting, entertaining, and possibly useful, information and opinion.  What kind of information or opinions?  Since it’s my site, any information or opinions I choose!

I hope I can provide you something to think about, or make use of, as the site gets built out.

Thanks for reading!

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