What the President and We Need

President Trump (@realDonaldTrump) needs more people like him in the House and Senate to get this country soundly headed in the right direction.

He needs people with these attributes to run:

  • They must want to do it because they care about the country
  • They must not do it for a “power trip”
  • They must be strongly committed to his policy agenda
  • They must not GAS about being re-elected
  • They must not do it for the money
  • They must have real-world experience and not be, or have the desire to be, career politicians
  • They must be strong representatives of their constituents, meaning they do what their constituents want done
  • They must be articulate, smart, and logical
  • They must be honest & truthful
  • They must be tenacious, assertive, and at times, aggressive
  • Being a little angry wouldn’t hurt!

We need to rid ourselves of the RINOs who are nothing more than turncoats, liars, deceivers.

It’s essential we get this done.

Trump will be gone in 2024. When he’s gone, there MUST be a mountain of “policy exhaust” left in elected members of Congress, both House & Senate, who will take the policy baton from him and continue racing forward to prosperity with freedom in the American Way.

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