Trump’s Mirroring: Fight Like They Do

This post will concentrate on Donald Trump’s style, and why he’s doing nothing more than being the consummate salesperson, 7x24x365. He can’t be anything else, because it’s worked for him, and it’s working for America. Plus, he’s done it for 70+ years.

Some background …

I’ve been a sales professional my entire career. I started in sales with IBM straight out of Ohio State in 1981. I had other sales and sales management jobs before starting my own company in 1996. Owning a company is a full-time sales job! Something I found out only after pulling the trigger and going out on my own.

As a sales professional, I was given, or took, tons of sales training seminars, and read tens, if not 100 or more, books on sales strategy.

Anyone like me will agree that there are a handful of sales techniques, because they are so effective, that virtually every seminar or book includes. The one I want to talk about today is “mirroring”.

MirroringMirroring is a sales technique that says the way to build rapport or respect with a prospect is to mirror their body language, speech volume and patterns, and movement.

I found it particularly helpful with aggressive, antagonistic, negative, angry, prospects. The people who all salespeople will categorize as “mean”. Every sales vertical has buyers who are legendary for mean behavior. It’s their “schtick”.

The minute I knew I was dealing with a buyer like this, I turned to mirroring. It works every time. They come out aggressively and bombastically, I fire back.

In the case of a “mean buyer”, it earns you respect, which is their brand of rapport.

The President is doing this with Democrats and the MSM.

He sized them up years ago as “mean buyers”. He’s mirroring their style, which is attack, attack, attack, and then when they’re dead, attack some more. They started it; he’s going to finish it.

He’s not trying to build a relationship (rapport), he’s demanding respect through mirroring.

So, they are pissed off that he’s got their number and he’s calling it 24-hours a day.

He’s also got the tenacity and drive salespeople need to succeed. He will not back down.

He will either annihilate them, as they wish to do to him, or they will figure out a way to play ball. But he’s got the upper hand.

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