We Need Technology Committees in DC

We need new House & Senate committees on Technology.

There must be increased oversight, with committees composed of our representatives, who understand technology. Much censorship & de-platforming going on, and only a few Congresspeople understand it.

Never mind the certain unscrupulous, dishonest, and criminal use of artificial intelligence (AI). You’re going to hear more and more about this in the future. SEE THIS LINK.

Glasses AI

Researchers have shown it’s possible to “trick” facial recognition with patterned eyeglass frames. Image: Carnegie Mellon University


And, understanding “Deep Fakes” will scare you to death.

Because this is very specialized & very technical subject matter, the vast majority of American citizens have no idea what is being done, what has been done, and what can be done.

The ability to manipulate hearts, minds, and souls, is staggering. And, it’s already happening.

Social Media Censorship Letter

I’ve had enough of Social Media Censorship, especially that of Twitter.

I wrote my Senators and Representative today. I encourage you to do the same.

It’s easy to do. You can do it online. Less than 10-minutes, tops.

I’ll provide links to get you to your Senators’ and Representative’s web sites, where you can send them a message.

I’ll also provide you a draft message that you can use as a start for your message. Use it as-is, or make it your own (change it).

Whatever you do, please do something!


‘Merica Baby!

1) How To Contact Your House Representative:


2) How To Contact Your Senators:


3) Download “The Letter” (CLICK HERE).


Democrat Dishonesty About Tax Cuts (example 1)

The Democrats have been horrendously dishonest about tax cuts. Witness this Twitter post by Ilhan Omar (D-MN):



“In its first year, the number of companies paying no taxes went from 30 to 60.”

The dishonesty of the MSM!!!!!

100% increase sounds awful.

30 to 60 is a yawner.

There are about 15,000 US public companies and these make up about 1% of all US companies.