Climate Change Warriors

I get really weary being told, because I will not be a climate alarmist, that I’m somehow a fascist. I don’t deny climate change is happening, it’s just that there are so many crank “academics” that I find much of their “research” total bullcrap.

And, I find that it’s really easy for some pompous, self-proclaimed, do-gooders to piss & moan about how the planet is going to hell in a handcart.

But then I had an inspiration …

How about asking these self-righteous knobs to tell me what they’re doing to reduce their “carbon footprint”?

So I did.

And I found that most had no answer at all … none. Yet they “care so much” and are so “passionate” about their “climate activism”. WTF? So …

I now ask …

1) I drive a hybrid, Toyota Camry that gets 46 MPG city or highway. It replaced a standard, 2L, Ford Focus that got about 40MPG. The Focus replaced an SUV. How about you?

2) I replaced my air conditioning, furnace, water heater, and clothes washer with super-high efficiency models, and reduced my energy usage (and bills!) by 50%. How about you?

3) I replaced my windows & doors with super high e-factor models, and further reduced my energy usage. How about you?

4) I’ve replaced most of the fixtures in my home with LED units, which last forever and use much less energy. How about you?

5) I recycle everything I possibly can. How about you?

6) I compost all food waste, and have been, for years. How about you?

7) I installed infrared, auto shut-off, light switches where I could, to make sure if I leave lights on, they go off within 15 minutes. How about you?

8) I fly commercial, unlike Al Gore & Bernie Sanders. How about you? (this is a trick question, but they never realize)

Usually, these folks don’t even recycle, because, “My community doesn’t do curbside recycling pickup”. But, they can package recyclables up and take them to a recycling center. Their response? “Well, that takes too much time.”

And to that I say, “When you’re ready to get your butt up off your couch and do something, come back and we’ll do this again, and if you score higher than me, you can THEN lecture me on climate change / global warming / whatever “they’re” calling it today.