Trump’s Mirroring: Fight Like They Do

This post will concentrate on Donald Trump’s style, and why he’s doing nothing more than being the consummate salesperson, 7x24x365. He can’t be anything else, because it’s worked for him, and it’s working for America. Plus, he’s done it for 70+ years.

Some background …

I’ve been a sales professional my entire career. I started in sales with IBM straight out of Ohio State in 1981. I had other sales and sales management jobs before starting my own company in 1996. Owning a company is a full-time sales job! Something I found out only after pulling the trigger and going out on my own.

As a sales professional, I was given, or took, tons of sales training seminars, and read tens, if not 100 or more, books on sales strategy.

Anyone like me will agree that there are a handful of sales techniques, because they are so effective, that virtually every seminar or book includes. The one I want to talk about today is “mirroring”.

MirroringMirroring is a sales technique that says the way to build rapport or respect with a prospect is to mirror their body language, speech volume and patterns, and movement.

I found it particularly helpful with aggressive, antagonistic, negative, angry, prospects. The people who all salespeople will categorize as “mean”. Every sales vertical has buyers who are legendary for mean behavior. It’s their “schtick”.

The minute I knew I was dealing with a buyer like this, I turned to mirroring. It works every time. They come out aggressively and bombastically, I fire back.

In the case of a “mean buyer”, it earns you respect, which is their brand of rapport.

The President is doing this with Democrats and the MSM.

He sized them up years ago as “mean buyers”. He’s mirroring their style, which is attack, attack, attack, and then when they’re dead, attack some more. They started it; he’s going to finish it.

He’s not trying to build a relationship (rapport), he’s demanding respect through mirroring.

So, they are pissed off that he’s got their number and he’s calling it 24-hours a day.

He’s also got the tenacity and drive salespeople need to succeed. He will not back down.

He will either annihilate them, as they wish to do to him, or they will figure out a way to play ball. But he’s got the upper hand.

More on mirroring:

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Occam’s Razor

A few decades ago, I was exposed to the theory of “Occam’s Razor”.

From Wikipedia:

Occam’s razor (or Ockham’s razor) is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exists two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the one that requires the smallest number of assumptions is usually correct. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation. Occam’s razor applies especially in the philosophy of science, but also more generally.


William of Ockham (Occam, c. 1280—c. 1349)

My personal definition of Occam’s Razor is that the simplest, most straight-forward explanation for something, anything, has the highest likelihood of being the truth, or factual.

While Occam’s Razor isn’t 100% accurate when assessing situations, I’ve found that more-often-then-not, it is.

I’m writing this blog entry because today’s Mainstream Media (MSM) causes me to analyze almost every story they report using “The Razor”.

Right now, in the middle of the “Ukraine Phone Call” furor, the assertions by MSM talent and pundits defy all logic.

We have a transcript of a phone call that the Left says is telling us something it’s not, and the mental contortion we have to go through to believe them would tie us into pretzels.

And, with all the evidence indicating that something is very rotten in Denmark with Joe and Hunter Biden, we’d be even more twisted.

I encourage you to Google Occam’s Razor and use it as one strategy to decode the processed and fortified babbling that gets passed off to us as news by the MSM.

Be careful to not cut yourself with “The Razor”.

Vote Out RINOs in House & Senate

Here’s a brief, recent history of which Republicans didn’t support the Trump Agenda in the House and Senate:

The 8 House Republicans who voted AGAINST funding the wall:

  • Justin Amash @amashoffice
  • Ken Buck @RepKenBuck
  • Will Hurd @HurdOnTheHill
  • Fred Upton @RepFredUpton
  • L-Carlos Curbelo
  • L-Erik Paulsen
  • L-David Valadao
  • DNR-Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

L = lost in ’18               DNR = did not run

The 8 House Republicans who voted FOR the Democrat “Amnesty” Bill:

  • NB Rep. Don Bacon
  • FL Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart
  • PA Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
  • *TX Rep. Will Hurd*
  • WA Rep. Dan Newhouse
  • NJ Rep. Chris Smith
  • *MI Rep. Fred Upton*

* Also voted against funding the WALL.

The 12 Senate Republicans who voted against President Trump’s border emergency declaration:

  • Rand Paul (KY)
  • Mike Lee (UT)
  • Susan Collins (ME)
  • Lisa Murkowski (AK)
  • Lamar Alexander (TN)
  • Mitt Romney (UT)
  • Jerry Moran (KS)
  • Pat Toomey (PA)
  • Rob Portman (OH)
  • Roger Wicker (MS)
  • Marco Rubio (FL)
  • Roy Blunt (MO)

House Republicans who voted with Democrats to condemn President Trump’s (supposed) “racist” tweets:

  • Susan Brooks (R-IN)
  • Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)
  • Will Hurd (R-TX) *#
  • Fred Upton (R-MI) *#

* = Voted against THE WALL             # = Voted FOR AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS

The 11+1 Republican Senators joining Democrats to disapprove of the emergency Wall declaration were:

  • Susan Collins (ME)
  • Mitt Romney (UT)
  • Lamar Alexander (TN)
  • Lisa Murkowski (AK)
  • Rand Paul (KY)
  • Mike Lee (UT)
  • Jerry Moran (KS)
  • Rob Portman (OH)
  • Pat Toomey (PA)
  • Roy Blunt (MO)
  • Roger Wicker (MS)
  • (Marco Rubio (FL) neglected to vote)


RINO - Please Lord

Entitlement Reform

I support work requirements for Medicaid, food stamps, and other entitlement programs.

Manual LaborI have to work to put food on my table. I have to work to pay for my medical care.

How can someone think it’s OK to steal my money from me, so they don’t have to work to have the same as me?

This doesn’t make me racist, cruel, bigoted, compassionless, or fill-in-the-blank-phobic.

It makes me practical.

And, work requirements have proven to lower what we spend on these programs.

Lefties can try to shame me about this, but I just don’t care.

Medicare for All (M4A)

I don’t agree with “Medicare for All”.

This doesn’t make me cruel, greedy, racist, bigoted, compassionless, or fill-in-the-blank-phobic.

Government can screw up a one-car funeral.

The last thing I want is even more of the, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor!” BS, out-of-control, fiasco, called “Obamacare”.

Good luck trying to “shame” me!!!!!

Oops, almost forgot … and then there’s this:


Republicans & Abortion

Republicans need to face reality on abortion, for the good of the party and for the good of the country.

Here are my thoughts on abortion …

I do not want to control women.  However, I don’t want to pay for their abortions.

This doesn’t make me chauvinist, bigoted, or fill-in-the-blank-phobic.

While I support a woman’s right to choose, I do not want to pay for her choice.

Her conscience is hers, not mine. My money is mine, not hers.Cartoon Baby

Plus, why should I pay for something that can be avoided by both behavior & science?

And, abortion can be avoided before, during, and after the sex act that causes a woman to become pregnant.

I do, however, believe we have to come to some reasonable, humane, limitation on abortion. Third trimester and up-until-birth abortions are abhorrent, wicked, evil, and inhumane.

Lefties and radical feminists can try to shame me about this, but I just don’t care.

I believe Republicans need to adopt this position, across-the-board, without exception. If they did, they would attract a significant share of independents.

What the President and We Need

President Trump (@realDonaldTrump) needs more people like him in the House and Senate to get this country soundly headed in the right direction.

He needs people with these attributes to run:

  • They must want to do it because they care about the country
  • They must not do it for a “power trip”
  • They must be strongly committed to his policy agenda
  • They must not GAS about being re-elected
  • They must not do it for the money
  • They must have real-world experience and not be, or have the desire to be, career politicians
  • They must be strong representatives of their constituents, meaning they do what their constituents want done
  • They must be articulate, smart, and logical
  • They must be honest & truthful
  • They must be tenacious, assertive, and at times, aggressive
  • Being a little angry wouldn’t hurt!

We need to rid ourselves of the RINOs who are nothing more than turncoats, liars, deceivers.

It’s essential we get this done.

Trump will be gone in 2024. When he’s gone, there MUST be a mountain of “policy exhaust” left in elected members of Congress, both House & Senate, who will take the policy baton from him and continue racing forward to prosperity with freedom in the American Way.