Climate Change Warriors

I get really weary being told, because I will not be a climate alarmist, that I’m somehow a fascist. I don’t deny climate change is happening, it’s just that there are so many crank “academics” that I find much of their “research” total bullcrap.

And, I find that it’s really easy for some pompous, self-proclaimed, do-gooders to piss & moan about how the planet is going to hell in a handcart.

But then I had an inspiration …

How about asking these self-righteous knobs to tell me what they’re doing to reduce their “carbon footprint”?

So I did.

And I found that most had no answer at all … none. Yet they “care so much” and are so “passionate” about their “climate activism”. WTF? So …

I now ask …

1) I drive a hybrid, Toyota Camry that gets 46 MPG city or highway. It replaced a standard, 2L, Ford Focus that got about 40MPG. The Focus replaced an SUV. How about you?

2) I replaced my air conditioning, furnace, water heater, and clothes washer with super-high efficiency models, and reduced my energy usage (and bills!) by 50%. How about you?

3) I replaced my windows & doors with super high e-factor models, and further reduced my energy usage. How about you?

4) I’ve replaced most of the fixtures in my home with LED units, which last forever and use much less energy. How about you?

5) I recycle everything I possibly can. How about you?

6) I compost all food waste, and have been, for years. How about you?

7) I installed infrared, auto shut-off, light switches where I could, to make sure if I leave lights on, they go off within 15 minutes. How about you?

8) I fly commercial, unlike Al Gore & Bernie Sanders. How about you? (this is a trick question, but they never realize)

Usually, these folks don’t even recycle, because, “My community doesn’t do curbside recycling pickup”. But, they can package recyclables up and take them to a recycling center. Their response? “Well, that takes too much time.”

And to that I say, “When you’re ready to get your butt up off your couch and do something, come back and we’ll do this again, and if you score higher than me, you can THEN lecture me on climate change / global warming / whatever “they’re” calling it today.

Hey Democrats!

We knew who we voted for.
We’re not racist or stupid.
We’re old, young, and middle-aged.
We’re rural and urban.
We have PHDs.
We flunked our GEDs.
We all  ❤️  the USA.
We wanted a drained swamp.
We got a Russian hoax and now, a contrived and planned, bullcrap impeachment.
We’re angry.
We have long memories.
We’re 62 million-plus and growing.
See you at the ballot box November 3, 2020.
(Oh yeah, don’t try any voter fraud because we’ll nail you!)

Trump Supporters & The Left

Here’s what alt-Left Socialist Democrats just don’t understand …

In November ’16 a bunch of Americans voted for a new chief executive officer (CEO) to run the business of the US, worldwide. In the U.S. we call that CEO “The President of the United States” (POTUS).

We weren’t adopting him as a new family member. We weren’t selecting him as a partner.

We weren’t asking him to be our spiritual advisor. We weren’t even asking him for any moral or ethical leadership.

What we were asking for was for him to do what we wanted.

We voted for him because of what he told us he would do.

And he’s doing it.

Amazingly refreshing.

What Frosts My Pumpkin?

Let me tell you a story and you’ll understand why my pumpkin is frosty.

My parents were both from poor, coal-mining, families from NE Pennsylvania. Scranton, actually, so I guess I have that in common with Joe Biden @JoeBiden and Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton, which, I must admit, makes me a little afraid.

PumpkinMy Mom’s father died of black lung when she was 6, my Dad’s father died shortly after one of his sons was killed in WW2 – mostly of a broken heart I believe.

When I say poor families, I mean “outhouse poor” families.

Russian-American, immigrant, families who were rich in faith & love of family & friends, but nothing else. They heated their homes with coal, when they could afford it, or scavenge for it along railroad tracks; it fell from overloaded cars.

Were they discriminated against for being “DPs”? Hell yes!

Did they ever bitch & moan about it? Hell no!

What did they do?

  • They worked hard.
  • They valued education, especially because it was free & could help them improve their lots in life.
  • They worshipped faithfully.
  • They lived within their means, and there wasn’t much to live on.
  • They were proud Americans.
  • They dug in & played by the rules.
  • They respected the law (and their elders!).
  • They served in the armed forces; Army, Navy, Air Force.

When they married, they married for life. My Dad passed away several years ago and at that time my parents had been married 57-years.

As a child, I was loved by all, I learned family was important from what we did and how we treated each other, not from shallow, hollow, words. I also knew that come hell-or-high-water, I was expected to go to college, even if all but one or two of my elder family members hadn’t. This was not optional.

We were taught to play by the rules, keep our noses clean, do what is right, and treat every other human being with respect, no matter what their race, creed, color, gender, or sexual orientation. Because my parents came from poverty, they knew how it was to be treated shabbily.

Instead of taking an attitude of, “When I succeed, I’m going to be just as rude to those below me as those above me are to me,” they taught us that it can be just one small thing in life that knocks you from “King of the Hill” to “Bottom of the Barrel” overnight.

Be humble, because you never know when it will come in handy.

My sister and I, with considerable financial help from our parents, both graduated college debt-free. She and I have always played fair, worked hard, believed in the American dream. She married a frat brother of mine.

They lived frugally, she was, for the most part, a stay-at-home Mom. My brother-in-law worked for a few big and some small companies before stepping out and starting his own business with their own money. I did the same.

He and I worked hard for what we have. And, contrary to Obama, we DID build “that”.

I cannot imagine a President with more condescension, arrogance, narcissism, lack of experience, and lack of job generation skill than Obama. He sucked off the system, and still does.

What I can say, unequivocally, is Obama didn’t build HIMSELF, “we the people” built him. The ungrateful clown.

Now, people who haven’t lived through any kind of hardship, who came from prosperity, who have never worked hard, who have never created a job (I have created THOUSANDS BTW), who have not played by the rules, who have gamed the system, who have lived dishonestly, career politicians who’ve only been paid with taxpayer money …

… THEY want to tell ME what to do, what to say, how to speak, how to act, steal my money, and then “shame” me and “cancel” me if I don’t comply?

Here’s what I have to say to them:

“Read my mind mother****ers!”

Y’all have awoken a sleeping giant, and that giant ain’t going back to sleep.


We Need Technology Committees in DC

We need new House & Senate committees on Technology.

There must be increased oversight, with committees composed of our representatives, who understand technology. Much censorship & de-platforming going on, and only a few Congresspeople understand it.

Never mind the certain unscrupulous, dishonest, and criminal use of artificial intelligence (AI). You’re going to hear more and more about this in the future. SEE THIS LINK.

Glasses AI

Researchers have shown it’s possible to “trick” facial recognition with patterned eyeglass frames. Image: Carnegie Mellon University


And, understanding “Deep Fakes” will scare you to death.

Because this is very specialized & very subject matter, the vast majority of American citizens have no idea what is being done, what has been done, and what can be done.

The ability to manipulate hearts, minds, and souls, is staggering. And, it’s already happening.

Exploring Run for U.S. Senate 2022

If I decide to run for the U.S. Senate as one of two Senators from Ohio, in 2022, I will need 1,000 signatures of Ohio, Republican, voters to get what is termed “ballot access”.

In preparation for making this decision, and if you would support me being on the ballot, EVEN IF YOU MIGHT NOT, OR WOULDN’T, VOTE FOR ME, please provide the information below so I can get your signature should I need it.

I cannot do this without you!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Should I run for Senate in 2022?

Rob Portman (@senrobportman) pisses me off.  I’m his constituent & I feel he’s a RINO.

I feel someone (or someones), need(s) to run against him in the Republican primary.

Who should it be?

Heck, maybe it should be me? If you were me, what would you do and how would you do it?

I’m slowly moving into retirement, easing out of my business which I started & grew to about $100M in revenue. I want to do something to move the country in the right direction, so maybe this is it.

I’m a young 60. I’ll be 63 in 2022. I’d do a 1-term-and-done, be gone at 69, and Ohio has 6-years to identify a better, brighter, more conservative replacement for me than someone like Portman.

I’ve had a successful business career, live a somewhat frugal lifestyle, don’t need money or power, and would do a good job representing Ohioans.

If you look at Portman’s bio on Wikipedia, it reads like the “Silver Spoon” cookbook. Private schools, Ivy League college, Michigan Law, marries upper-crust Cincinnati-society gal, vacations in the Himalayas. Works in law for 5-years and becomes career politician.

Portman worked in the private sector for 5-years, the rest in government. Yet, his net worth, according to Wiki, is over $8M. How does that square? Inheritance? Probably, and thus he’s created few, if any, jobs in his life. Reminds me of someone else … Bernie (@SenSanders)!

Link to Portman’s Bio on Wikipedia

I’ve no delusions of grandeur.  Portman already has a war chest for ’22.

He’s already got $3.1M in CASH for 2022, which he’s using today.

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 7.31.43 AM

Link to Federal Election Commission Website for Portman

What should I do?

I’d love to have you share your thoughts with me!


Mark Signature First Name

Social Media Censorship Letter

I’ve had enough of Social Media Censorship, especially that of Twitter.

I wrote my Senators and Representative today. I encourage you to do the same.

It’s easy to do. You can do it online. Less than 10-minutes, tops.

I’ll provide links to get you to your Senators’ and Representative’s web sites, where you can send them a message.

I’ll also provide you a draft message that you can use as a start for your message. Use it as-is, or make it your own (change it).

Whatever you do, please do something!


‘Merica Baby!

1) How To Contact Your House Representative:

2) How To Contact Your Senators:

3) Download “The Letter” (CLICK HERE).


The “Hate Crime” Hoax

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 11.27.06 AM

I’m big on truth, facts, numbers & relevance.

For example, I believe all the “hate crime” we’re hearing about is a red herring.

In 2017 (the latest year I could find FBI data on this) there were reports of 7,175 “Bias Motivation” crimes, aka “Hate Crimes”.  To put this into perspective, that’s .39 hate crimes, per state, per day.

That’s right, hate crimes are committed about once every 3 days in a state.

Or, annually, there are just over 143 hate crimes committed per state, per year.

In 2017, there were 135,755 rapes reported.

That’s 2,715 per year, per state. 2,715 as compared to 143.

Who’s zooming who here?

“I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.”

– Me